Spring/Summer 2017 Sublime Collection by Sirdar from English Yarns

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5 New Sublime pattern books, 2 new yarns, and many new shades have been released for this season.

The First Little Sublime Baby Prints Hand Knit Book (712)
17 designs for baby girls & boys from 0 to 3 years using NEW YARN! Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK Prints.

A collection of truly adorable designs for little boys and girls from birth to 3 years. There are designs that are perfect for those occasions when something just that little bit more special is required. For little girls there are lacy cardies finished off with pretty bow fastenings, the sweetest pinafore dresses and the cutest little ballerina style cardigans. Then for the little boys there are gorgeous cabled styles, textured knits and classic knitted sets. There is also the cosiest of sleep sacks and a beautiful blanket for the most perfect of nap times.

The First Sublime Evie and Evie Prints Design Book (711)
16 designs for women using Sublime Evie and NEW YARN! Sublime Evie Prints.

We have created a collection of gorgeous designs for women There are casual pieces that are incredibly stylish and that we just know will leave you feeling wonderful too. There are stunning polo neck ponchos, beautiful kimono jackets, pieces with inter twinned fronts that are just exquisite and a range of truly gorgeous accessories. The pieces in this collection are not only sensational to wear but they are a sheer joy to knit too, they will bring you pleasure from the moment you cast on.

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The Twentieth Little Sublime Hand Knit Book (710)
18 designs for baby girls & boys from 0 to 3 years using Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK.

This collection has designs that have somewhat of a nautical feel, with adorable little front buttoning sweaters for him and beautiful sailor collar jackets for her, they are perfect for the warmer spring and summer months. There are beautiful little knits for the boys, featuring tie details, cute little hats and the smartest collared jacket. Then for the little girls there are traditional little cabled cardies knitted in some of our most modern of colours, the sweetest dress with matching cardie and adorable hats. Last but certainly by no means least we have a design for a charming little teddy bear that we just know will become part of the family for generations to come.

The Fourth Sublime Worsted Design Book (709)
15 designs for women using Sublime Extra Fine Merino Worsted.

In this collection of 15 gorgeous designs for women, there are pieces that use shaping and detailing in a way that only Sublime designs do. There are cardigans with beautiful diamond fastenings, sweaters with exquisite cabling and patterning, stunning cardigans and unbelievably stylish handbags to name but a few of the designs in this breath taking collection.

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Order it here

The First Sublime Evie Baby Hand Knit Book (708)
22 designs for baby girls & boys from 0 to 3 years using Sublime Evie.

In this the first baby hand knit book in Sublime Evie, the Sublime design team have put together a timeless collection of knits for boys and girls from birth to 3 years. These designs are perfect all season pieces and include the sweetest of knits. For little girls, there are cute cardies with lace details, the prettiest matinee coat and matching bonnet and a classic cable panel bonnet that could only be Sublime. Then for the little chaps the are simple sweaters with button details, a smart little duffle coat and cardies and waistcoats that are perfect for wearing over his shirt on days when he needs to be just that little bit smarter. There are also beautiful blankets and the cosiest sleep sack for truly Sublime slumbers.

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